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Whole Hog Deposit for 2025!

Whole Hog Deposit for 2025!

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This is a deposit for a Whole Hog.THIS IS FOR SPRING 2025.

This deposit will be deducted from your final total. Your final weight & total will be determined the week of delivery, or earlier. We charge 9.50/lb of packaged weight.

We average 120-200lbs on a Whole hog; roughly $1,140-$1,900. deposit not deducted from this example.

We Back Our Meats! 100% satisfaction guaranteed or we will make it right!

Visit Cutting Lists to see what comes standard in a half hog. Visit Pickup Schedule to see the next pickup date; pork is seasonal.

See Pickup Locations.

Meat Packaging - you will receive it frozen, wrapped in; wax, saran wrap and butcher paper. This holds up to a year, without any nicks. All packages will be labeled.

Half Hogs can be customized; if you choose to smoke/cure meats there is a 2 week time frame for that, so part of your order may be ready on the set date with a follow up pickup for the smoked meats. We do not guarantee any smoked meats as this is a separate option our butcher offers outside of our recommended list.

*DISCLAIMER Smoked meats/seasoned meats may contain sugar, nitrates, nitrites, high levels of salt - The above changes have been made due to some variations in the final taste (saltiness) of some smoked/seasoned products. 

Any cuts WITHOUT seasoning, curing, smoking are applicable to reimbursement if you are not 100% satisfied. 

LOIN-  ___boneless or ___bone -in
            thickness ___1/2 "  ___3/4" or ___1" ___ quantity per package
*SHOULDER- ___shoulder roast   ___pork steaks
*HAMS- ___fresh or ___smoked
              ___whole ___half ___or ham steaks and small hams
**BACON- ___thick sliced or ___thin sliced (cured and smoked)
*SAUSAGE- ___breakfast ___Italian ___chorizo ( 1 lb packages)

*Half hog, choose 1 per line. Whole Hog, choose 2.
**If you do NOT want bacon, leave blank! (It will be left as a whole Fresh Side) same with hams
If you do not want any seasoned sausage, leave blank! (will be kept as plain ground pork)

ONLY marked requests will be made, any blanks will be kept as standard.

PORK BONES, FAT, BACK FAT, ORGANS are collected at our processors discretion. Any requests made outside of the form are at our processors discretion. Thank you for your understanding!


How Does it Work? Place your order & deposit, receive the confirmation email with your pickup date & details. We harvest animals 1 week before pickup, we will ask for final requests by then if they are not given before. We will be in touch with reminders for pickup as we approach pickup day. You will receive your final weight and remainder due at pickup then. Please reach out if you do not receive a confirmation email within 4 days.


A whole is good for a family of four for 6-9 months, on average!

What Comes with A Whole Hog?

    • 4 pork roasts
    • 2-4 packages of shoulder steaks
    • 10-12 packages of pork chops
    • 4 packages of spare ribs
    • 2 packages of whole fresh side (un-cut "bacon" that is not cured or smoked)"pork belly"
    • 2-4 fresh ham "pork butt" (not cured or smoked)
    • 4-6 packages of ham steaks
    • 4 packages sirloin chops
    •  12-16 packages of ground pork

How much space for a Whole Hog?

About a 7 cu freezer will suffice!

What to expect at pickup?

Your share will be cut wrapped and labeled at pickup. We wrap in saran wrap, butcher paper & wax paper to guarantee up to 9 months in the freezer. (Pork doesn't hold as long as beef).

All the packages will be labeled. All the meat will be frozen.

Bring coolers WITHOUT ice if you have a ways to travel back home, otherwise we have Boxes your order will be packed in.

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