• Grass finished beef / ZERO grains
  • Finishing - We move the beef herd from the range to our irrigated pastures, full of diverse cover crops some season & delicious bermuda/fescue other seasons. We do supplement with no-spray alfalfa.
  • Packaged Meats - your pastured meat is cut, wrapped & frozen the week of pickup. Your meat will be labeled as well. Before then it is dry aging (beef only) Your meats will be wrapped in wax, saran and butcher paper. 
  • Pricing - The price per pound includes; raising, harvesting,  dry aging, packing and delivery to the pickup location. You are only charged for the packaged weight, meaning only the meat you take home.
Harvested on site; which means these animals were never hauled on their last day, just humanely harvested in the comfort of routine.
  • Frozen at pickup!
  • BONES - FAT - ORGANS available at no charge with each share
We raise our cattle under regenerative practices, meaning we are always focused on bettering the land when we use it. We are careful with how long our cattle graze paddocks (sections in pastures) to ensure recovery in our desert environment. All of us are taught through HMI/Holistic Resources Management, on rotational grazing practices on our rangeland as well as on our 10 acre irrigated pasture.
How Do We Finish?
Our beef forage on the range for their entire life, when it is time we choose select steers/heifers for beef production and they are moved in and begin finishing on the irrigated pasture. We finish our beef animals for at least 8 weeks on this pasture; getting the easy life, attention and all-they-can-graze.
  • We are not under any certifications; we believe there is a time and a place for everything. If we need to do something for the health of our animals, we will do so. If we need to manage differently for the health of our land, we will do so. We do not like being limited by other entities.
  • Can I Visit? Yes!
    Just reach out by contacting us here or here to schedule an available day. Mornings during summer are preferred. Sundays are unavailable.

We raise and handle our animals with the utmost respect. We are slow, using their flight zone in a calm way to move them from pasture to pasture.

  • Breeds; Brahman crosses, Angus crosses, Devon crosses, Hereford crosses
  • Local, ranch raised beef.  We do not sell any mRNA-vaccinated animals for consumption. All grass finished.
  • Small Business Supporters; our piglets come from 1 small producer in the USA, as 35lbs or less. NO mRNA vaccinations.