Collection: Pastured Pork

Seasonal, Always on Pasture. Soy-free & non-GMO grains and corn.

Plenty of forage for their natural instincts to be rooting around in! No mRNA vaccines.

Our pasture-raised pork shares provide your family with nutritious and healthy food. Our pork is raised with no soy, non-GMO grains & corn and is always on fresh ground. We guarantee that you get the best quality meat with all the health benefits that come with pasture-raised pork. Enjoy the healthy and delicious meals you can make with our pork shares

We know getting shipped meat is more available than ever, we are proud to -directly serve- you and your family! While it may be more convenient to get your boxes in the mail, we know that the connection you make with your ranchers is far more important. We enjoy every MEAT-Up when we can get to know you more and more, better than just behind a screen.

What comes with a Half Hog?

  • 2 pork roasts

    1-2 packages of shoulder steaks

    6-7 packages of pork chops

    2 packages of spare ribs

    1 package of fresh side (un-cut bacon that is not cured or smoked)

    1-2 fresh ham (not cured or smoked)

    2-4 packages of ham steaks

    2 packages sirloin chops

    6-9 packages of ground pork