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Half Beef Deposit

Half Beef Deposit

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This is a deposit for a 1/2 Beef share. The final weight and total will be given the week of delivery, after cutting & wrapping. You are charged 9.75/lb of packaged weight. That remainder will be due at pick-up, the deposit will be deducted from your final total. 

Price change in effect April 1st, 2024.

100% grass finished beef - Range raised - Pasture Finished - NO; antibiotics, hormones, mRNA vaccines, or grains - ever. Bones, fat and organs are complimentary with each order.

We average 220lbs -260lbs of beef after wrapping; $2,145- $2,530. Deposit not deducted from this example.

We Back Our Meats! 100% satisfaction guaranteed or we will make it right!

This deposit guarantees your spot on the list, and begins the process of raising, finishing and processing this animal for you!

Visit Cutting Lists for the standard cuts per quarter. Visit Pickup Schedule for the next available pickup date. See Pickup Locations.

Meat Packaging - you will receive it frozen, wrapped in; wax, saran wrap and butcher paper. This holds up to a year, without any nicks. All packages will be labeled.

Deposits are non-refundable. They can be postponed, or moved to a pork order.

How Does it Work? Place your order & deposit, receive the confirmation email with your pickup date & details. We harvest animals 2 weeks before pickup, we will ask for final requests by then if they are not given before. Your animal dry ages for 10-12 days, is cut, packed and frozen the week of delivery. We will be in touch with reminders for pickup as we approach pickup day. You will receive your final weight and remainder due at pickup then. Please reach out if you do not receive a confirmation email within 4 days.


A half is 30% roasts, 30% steaks & 40% ground beef.
Averaging 80-100lbs of ground beef, 10+ packages of roasts, 20+ packages of steaks (flank, skirt, tri-tip, brisket etc..)

Why buy Bulk Beef?

  • Always have your breakfast, lunch or dinner on hand!

  • Have a friend you want to share the good word with - share a package!

  • The price wont go up on you while your beef is in the freezer; that rib steak is going to stay the same price as your hamburger!

  • Never again question where or how your food was raised, harvested... we are 100% transparent in the process.

  • Feed your family for less, all year long.

  • You have our "Ranchers Word" we know you will be satisfied! Stay in touch with us about any questions or issues you may have - we want your experience to be above and beyond what you expect.

Need more information? Check out our FAQ's here!

What do I need for a Half Beef?

  • At least a 7cu ft freezer.
  • an appetite :-)
  • NO cooking skills required; we share cooking tips at pickup!

How long will a Half Beef feed me?

A couple? A half beef should go for a year with an average of 4 Beefy meals a week!

Family of 4? If you only do 2 meals of our beef a week, it'll last a year!

Family of 6? Maybe 6 months, better upgrade to a full!


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