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Box Beef

Box Beef

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This is a Beef share of a minimum of 45lbs. This is the FULL payment.

All grass finished. Ranch raised cattle.

For cuts that are included, visit Cutting Lists. The cuts and quantities vary per Box. Limited to 1; brisket or tri-tip and skirt or flank steaks. Not customizable. See Pickup Locations.

We Back Our Meats! 100% satisfaction guaranteed or we will make it right!

Meat Packaging - you will receive it frozen, wrapped in; wax, saran wrap and butcher paper. This holds up to a year, without any nicks. All packages will be labeled.
Please visit Pick-up Schedule for the date of pickup for this order. Subject to change, we will notify you of any changes as soon as possible. Payment is non-refundable for no shows. Refund expires 2 weeks after order is placed.
How Does it Work? Place your order, receive the confirmation email with your pickup date & details. We will be in touch as we approach pickup day. Please reach out if you do not receive a confirmation email within 4 days.


Start Your Bulk Experience WITHOUT Needing A Deep Freezer!

The Box is good for singles for close to a year, couples at least 6 months of average beef consumption.

40% High Quality, Delicious Ground Beef in convenient 1-1.5lb packages. 85/15 blend

30% Full-flavored Variety Cuts. Chuck roasts, Cross cut Shanks, Short Ribs etc.

30% Dry-Aged, Delectable Steaks. T-bone, Rib, Sirloin. & One of; Brisket or tri-tip and flank or skirt.

A minimum of 45lbs in each Box Beef.

Will fit an average side by side freezer in 2 shelves. Wrapped in butcher paper, wax and saran - we guarantee this meat will last a year in your freezer. 


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